Designing a Home Office for a Small Space

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If you have a condo unit or a small home and you want to create a comfortable workspace, you might think that it’s not possible due to the limited space available. While designing a small home office can be a bit of a challenge, it can be done. Keep these tips in mind:

Choose an area with a view.

Set your desk and chair in front of a window so that you get a nice view of your surroundings while working. A window also prevents you from feeling claustrophobic, and can help a lot when you start to get a little stressed out.

Choose double-duty furniture.

A traditional desk may be the natural choice, but double-duty furniture can go a long way in giving you extra space. Choose a storage cabinet with a desk and get creative. It will not only lend a unique vibe to your office, it can also help you be more productive.

Stay away from the bed.

If you have no other choice but to set up your workspace in your bedroom, try to stay as far away as possible from your sleeping area as the space permits. Make sure that you are facing the wall or facing the window.

Pick bright colors.

 Keep the color scheme bright and fun to inspire more creative ideas. Blue helps the mind stay in focus.

Add a splash of color.

 If you want to incorporate some color but still want your workspace to look professional, keep the rest of the room neutral while picking a bright or bold color for your chair or desk. This adds a splash of color without being too loud.

Have a color scheme.

You want your workspace to be distinguishable but not out of place. Make sure that the colors of the chair and desk you choose fits the overall color scheme of your home.

Floating storage.

If you want to save some space while still getting a whole lot of storage space, get floating shelves instead of an actual storage cabinet. It doesn’t just add functionality, it also serves as a great office decor.

Extra privacy.

Placing a divider or a standout curtain by your desk can add a touch of coziness, but more importantly, it will also help if you want some privacy from the rest of your household members when you’re busy working.

Shelf under the stairs.

Set up a working area beneath the stairs, and use a floating shelf and a corkboard for clippings and to-do lists.

Portable laptop table.

Who says you need a separate room for a workstation? A portable laptop table offers more convenience and you can bring it with you anywhere you want to sit at home.

Creating a home office doesn’t have to be impossible. If anything, it will be fun and should inspire you to be more productive in your new workspace.