How Important Is Lighting In An Office?

When you are thinking about the design of your office, you will probably consider the desk, chairs and cubicles first. Then you will probably move onto the design of the meeting rooms and of the managers’ offices. Next, you will probably consider the colour of the walls and the design of the carpet.


Whilst all these aspects of office design are incredibly important, there is one element which you may neglect slightly: how well the office is lit.

Office lighting is incredibly important and should not be left as a last-minute consideration. You need to give some careful thought as to how your office is lit because this can have a direct impact on your employees. Read this helpful guide about the importance of good office lighting.

Natural Light Boosts Morale

Extensive studies have shown that sunlight elevates mood. This is because even a small amount of sunlight can trigger endorphins in the brain which make people feel happier. This is something which you will need to consider when you are designing your office.

Consider having ceiling-to-floor windows installed so the maximum amount of sunlight can find its way into the building.

This will have a positive impact on your employees and will cause them to be happier and more productive. This will have a knock-on effect on the overall performance of your business.

If the windows in your office are too small, consider having them replaced to let much more light into the building. Saracen Interiors discuss daylighting as a technique for their clients.


High Powered Lighting Can Prevent Eyestrain

When people are working at their computers for several hours a day, there is a risk that they will strain their eyesight. Your employees should regularly look away from the screen for a minute or so to help protect their eyes.

Another way to help people protect their eyes is to install high-powered lamps on their desks so that they have a lot of light when they are working on their computers or taking down notes. This will help them to maintain healthy eyes.

The benefit of having individual lamps is that they can be easily moved around between different cubicles and desks.

Strip Lighting In The Office Can Prevent People From Injuring Themselves

Every year, thousands of people injure themselves in offices when they trip over trailing cables or walk into filing cabinets. These wires and cabinets should be kept out of walkways. Another effective technique for preventing trips and falls is to install powerful strip lighting in the office. Poor lighting can cause people to bump into things or fall over. The correct amount of light will allow people to spot the hazards in enough time and avoid them successfully.

Any trip hazards should be reported by employees to their managers as soon as possible. Then the problem can be dealt with.

Use this guide to improve the lighting in your office.