Planning to build a parking lot

Whither you plan on constructing a brand-new parking lot or extending a preexisting one. You will have to consider parking lot design.  If you have never considered what that may be, let help break down some of the basics. The three things that you should focus on is, how many vehicles will the parking lot need. Then comes what you are going to construct the parking lot out of. After that you need to concern yourself, with how the flow of traffic will go. Now, there are other things to consider, but these happen to be the most important.


Capacity is very important when it comes to parking lots. If you have too little parking, you will miss out on potential customers, who may get frustrated and take their business elsewhere. While having too little parking can increase maintenance costs and present a barren look to your establishment. Now a great way to avoid this and finding a good estimate, is by surveying other similar business and how much clientele that they tend to receive. With this you can get a good estimate to how large you will need to construct your parking lot.

Construction materials

When it comes to constructing your parking lot, you will have to consider how it will be constructed. Traditional means, such as asphalt or concrete are the staples of the paving world. Though you can find alternatives that are cheaper and environmentally friendly. Permeable pavements are a great example. Offering you a comparable paved surface that can offer features you can find in traditional methods of paving. For instance, it has the ability to allow water to pass through it unaided. This feature helps with long-term maintenance, by preventing the pooling of water. Which can erode the surface over time. The life span of permeable pavements is also three time longer than concrete or asphalt. Giving you more for your money.

Traffic flow

Though it is last on the list, it is not any less important. Having good traffic flow can save you head aches down the road. You need to consider how people will enter and how they will leave. This will all depend on what roads run alongside your establishment. It would safe to say that you want to have at least two exits and entrances, if possible. Matching them up with street lights, is highly recommended, to encourage a consistent traffic flow. Beyond that, make sure you consider the visibility that each vehicle driving in the parking lot. Preventing any type of fender bender in the future.


With the information presented, you should be able to have a better idea on what is required. We have covered some methods finding a good estimate on capacity, by comparing customer traffic of similar establishments. The finding other alternatives to costly constructions and material costs. Lastly touching on how traffic should flow within the parking lot. But, with all this, you should still hire an experienced pavement expert, when constructing your parking lot.