Signs You May Have a Hidden Plumbing Leak

While most homeowner’s fear the potential damage caused by a serious plumbing leak, a plumbing issue isn’t always obvious. Small leaks can be lurking anywhere in your home, creating water waste and slowly causing insidious water damage that can continues out of sight for weeks or months before it becomes apparent that anything is amiss. Paying attention to the following changes in your home and learning to identify signs that you have a hidden leak in your plumbing could help you determine when it’s time to contact your Houston plumbing company for professional repairs before minor leaks become major problems.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew cannot thrive in dry areas with no water source. If you find mold or mildew in your home, it is crucial to find out where the moisture originates. While it may be due to a lack of proper ventilation, such as in high-humidity areas such as showers, or condensation that frequently occurs in unvented basements, it can also be a sign of a hidden leak. Simply cleaning the mold and mildew from the area won’t eliminate the problem; the source of the moisture must be removed. If you are constantly battling mold and mildew issues, it may be time to schedule an inspection by your HVAC technician to rule out ventilation problems. If the problem persists, mitigating mold and mildew will probably involve plumbing repair.

Visible Water Damage

Water from an invisible leak can cause visible damage to surfaces such as wallpaper, wood, paint and drywall. Typical signs include buckling, warping, deterioration, peeling or discoloration, and can also manifest as dark spots or streaks on floors and ceilings. Keep an eye out for signs of damage or discoloration, especially behind plumbing fixtures, and have your Houston plumbing company inspect the area immediately as soon as you spot trouble.

Higher Water Bills

It is normal to see your water bill rise during the summer months, but if they are significantly higher than you anticipated or continue to remain high when your water use tapers off during fall months, you may have a plumbing problem. In order to determine your typical seasonal usage, compare each month’s water bill and total water use to the same month of the prior year. A large discrepancy from year to year could be an indication that you have a hidden leak that is causing expensive water waste. A professional inspection by your Houston plumbing company will help you determine if a hidden leak or other plumbing issue is responsible for the increase.

Harboring an invisible plumbing leak is a serious household issue that can cause extensive damage to your home while wasting hundreds of gallons of water every month. By acting quickly as soon as you see potential signs of a hidden leak you can schedule necessary repairs with your Houston plumbing company to conserve water, lower your water bill, and eliminate the headaches an unresolved plumbing issue can cause to your home.