When to Replace your Driveway

There are many aspects of your home that must be kept updated. The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Concrete areas around your home may begin to look worn after several years. They can often be repaired to last several more years. At some point, however, a replacement is necessary. There are a few signs that may occur to let you know when it is time to replace the entire driveway.  A good concrete company can help you accomplish the job.


Over time, concrete naturally cracks. This is usually a result of extremely hot weather. The concrete expands and may warp or crack. These can become a hazard when they become numerous. You can repair a few over the years, however, large amounts may indicate a larger problem. The foundation may be part of the issue and should also be checked. Kids can easily fall when they run over large cracks with their bikes or scooters. When it is no longer viable to repair the cracks, it is best to schedule a full replacement. There are some excellent concreters in Melbourne that can accomplish the job.


You may also need to replace the driveway when it is time to sell your home. Many updates must be done to get a good appraisal value on the home. The driveway is one of the first things that people see when they come to view the home. When you have a fresh driveway, it drastically improves how the home looks from the street.  Foundation issues that show on your driveway may also deter potential buyers. An updated driveway can easily diminish the effects of a setting home.

Weathering and Discolouring

There is some regular wear and tear that is a normal part of any concrete area. The surface of the driveway may become rough over time as the concrete wears away and the aggregate begins to be more noticeable. Wind and rain simply work away at it over time. The surface of the driveway can also be discoloured as sediment and moisture build up. Sometimes mildew can also be present if water sits for a long time. This can be pressure washed a few times over the years. Pressure washing, however, has the same effects as weathering. Worn and discoloured concrete may indicate the need for a replacement.

The best way to bring value to your home is to have a new concrete driveway installed. This is a great way to up the resale value. You can tell when it is time to replace your driveway by taking notice of the surface over the years. Repeated incidents of cracking and warping may indicate that it is time for a full replacement. Natural weathering and discolouring happen over time. At some point the damage becomes more than can be repaired. All over exposure of aggregate can only be solved by a replacement. Your new driveway is sure to add value and beauty to your home.