Why You Should Mount Your TV on the Wall

If you have just bought a new TV that’s more than 40 inches in size, you should mount it on a wall. Even though most TV sets come with a stand, mounting the TV on a wall is generally a wise idea. Nowadays, television sets have become lighter and thinner. Previously, cathode ray tube technology was used in order to display pictures on the screen. The picture tube was quite unreliable and the television sets were also quite big and clunky. However, if you go out to buy a new television set today, you will find that almost all of the variants available are very thin and easy to maintain.

However, finding the right spot in which to mount the TV is not as easy as it looks. First of all, if you are buying a TV that’s bigger than 40 inches, you should have a large room in which you can keep the TV. Secondly, you need to designate a spot in the room so that you can place the TV in a fixed position. Ideally, it’s best if you mount the TV on a sturdy wall, particularly one that faces the entire room. You should let a professional company handle the TV wall mounting process. TV wall mounts are generally sold separately from the television set, so you will need to buy an additional mount. The prices vary based on the size of the TV that you have. Here are a few reasons as to why you should mount the TV on a wall rather than keeping it on a flat surface.

It’s Much Safer

As mentioned above, modern television sets are considerably thinner those of the past. Despite the fact that the common television stand is designed to keep the TV balanced on a flat surface, it doesn’t take much effort to knock the TV over. That’s primarily due to sheer weight and size of the television set. If you accidentally hit your elbow on the top of the television set, the surface stand is going to rock forwards or backwards and fall to one side, and it can shatter your display within the blink of an eye. Do you really want to take on such a risk if you have just bought an expensive screen? If you have pets in the house, keeping the TV on a flat surface would be a very stupid move. It’s considerably safer if you just mount it onto the wall.

Better Viewing Angles

Viewing angles can be a major issue when you purchase a large TV. You need to keep the TV in a central location so that every person in the room can view the screen without any colour wash-outs. The technician will give you recommendations about where you can hang the TV in order to obtain the best viewing angles. As display panels have become thinner and thinner, it’s led to a reduction in the viewing angles. If a person is watching the screen from a corner, they won’t be able to see the colours properly. As a result, you should put the TV in a central location in the room. Ideally, the wall you select will face the primary couch within the room, and it won’t restrict viewing angles from the other seats.